Japan Project

Research paper: You are to interview a first-generation immigrant. Your interview should include the following questions: Why did the person immigrate to the U.S.? How old was s/he when s/he entered this country? Did s/he speak English when she first arrived, and how did this impact his/her experience? Is his/her culture similar to U.S. culture or not? If so, how is it similar? If not, how is it different? Have the immigrant explain how these similarities and/or differences affected his/her immigration experience. Ask the immigrant to describe experiences with prejudice and discrimination from members of the dominant culture. Did s/he have good experiences with Americans that were not characterized by prejudice and discrimination? Does s/he feel prejudice toward other ethnic or racial groups? How does this affect him/her? If the immigrant has children, have him/her describe any strategies s/he is using in raising them (e.g., teaching them about their original culture, the language, etc. or not?).These are the minimum questions you should ask in your interview; you may add any questions which you feel will improve the quality of your research paper.

Your paper should include the questions you asked the immigrant as well as his/her responses. You should describe the immigrant’s background and immigration experience fully. Any paper with 50% or more matching to other sources will receive an automatic zero.

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