International financial markets : Investment portfolio

International financial markets  shares have created  many investment portfolio plans . Assume you have recently been hired as an investment manager at a local hedge fund. You have been assigned your first client who has a sum of £10,000 to be all invested immediately for a period of 10 years. The client expresses their desire to earn a minimum return of 14% per annum and to minimize their risk. Your client instructed you to invest the fund in international markets. You decided to create a portfolio of at least 15 Global Equities chosen from a minimum of three Global Stock Exchanges.

Investment risks and strategies: International financial markets

Discuss your investment return and risk objectives and investment strategy

Construction of an investment portfolio

Discuss how you constructed your investment portfolio and selected  international financial market shares. In addition, critically evaluate the methods you used. Further, do a critical evaluations and discussions of the theories and methods used in constructing investment portfolio and selecting shares.


Risk management for investment portfolio: International financial markets

Discuss how investors can manage the risks of (your) investment portfolio. Additionally,  applications and explanations of theories and techniques used in managing risks of investment portfolio.

Impact of exchange rate volatility and market risk on portfolios

What is the impact of exchange rate volatility and market risk on your chosen portfolio Explanations and discussions of the investment risk and return objectives and Investment strategy

Investment brokers and agents in international financial markets

Investment brokers and agents require high level investment, market and economic information. These help them to manage and also run high net worth investment funds. Consequently, in order to become successful investors, agents require understanding and appreciation of a number of trading and hedging strategies. That is, including the timeliness of such those strategies. Therefore, by making use of real life investment and stock market data, will require students to make a number of strategic investment decisions. As a result, practical assessment will pit students’ knowledge and understanding of a number of investment and hedging strategies, including decision making and problem solving using real life financial data.

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