Informative speech: Components of a speech

For your informative speech you are choosing any special topic of interest to you and talking about it for 4-5 minutes.  The idea behind this assignment is for you to introduce your classmates to something new or different, or to present your topic (if it is a well-known topic) in a way that is new or different. Your topic should also include all the three components of the speech.

Components of the informative speech

There are three components to this speech:

1.     The speech
2.     Your outline
3.     Your bibliography/works cited page

The speech

Your speech needs to be 4-5 minutes. Any less than 4 minutes and you will lose points because you must take enough time to at least get your points across.  Any longer than 5 minutes and I will have to cut you off and you will lose points because you won’t be able to finish.  You will need to practice your speech in order to get the timing right.

You must dress appropriately on the day of your  informative speech.  Even though you will be presenting on Zoom, you should provide a professional and respectable appearance to your audience.

Outline of the informative speech

The object of your speech is to inform.  You can talk about the history of your topic, the evolution of your topic, your topic’s impact on society or within its industry, or some other aspect of your topic as long as whatever you talk about lends itself to the research component of this assignment.

Presentation and references of the Informative speech

You must provide some kind of presentation aid(s) to enhance your speech. That is, things you can show us via your camera, sharing your screen to provide charts/graphs/photographs, posters/displays as your background, dressing in clothes pertaining to your topic, etc.  If you have questions about what you want or need to use as presentation aids, check with me sooner than later so we can discuss and iron out any problems. You may not use a PowerPoint presentation for your speech.

You must use AT LEAST three credible/scholarly sources.  More sources are always

Additional Files

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