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You are required to devise an exercise programme which reflects the needs and wants of an individual case study client. As part of this you will need to assess the health and fitness of the individual and use this analysis to devise exercise prescriptions which includes aspects of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, core and flexibility.

The plan must also take into consideration psychological aspects such as motivation and exercise adherence
Your client’s is Andrew Harvey, a 24 year old university lecturer. Andrew currently exercises 3-4 times per week
on a static exercise bike. The intensity is usually moderate to hard, for durations between 1-2 hours long.
Andrew has recently started running with a work colleague, and has developed an interest in long distance
running, particularly half marathon distance.
As part of this case study you are expected to analyse the initial assessment data and use them to design a 12-
week CV training programme to meet Andrew’s goal of running a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 95 minutes (1 hr.
35 minutes).
Andrew also wishes to increase his muscular strength to help performance and reduce injury risk. A 12-week
resistance programme should be also included in their programme.
Andrew also currently has poor core strength and flexibility, so these need to be addressed in the programme.
Past medical history
No known medical conditions
Recent signs and symptoms of disease
None reported by client
1. The client and their reasons for requiring a PT is appropriately discussed
2. The expected benefits of the client’s programme are outlined
.3 Client data is presented in an appropriate manner and normal are accurately applied with implications outlined
4. An accurate pre-screening is conducted including risk stratification. The results of the pre-screening are used
to establish appropriate testing and exercise programming
5. Required resources for the exercise sessions/programme are identified and justification provided for their
6. Areas of involvement with other professionals are discussed and justification provided for their inclusion
7. The programme is structured to incorporate a warm up and cool down sessions
8. The programme includes safe and effective exercises designed to address the specific goals of the client
9. Exercises to develop, cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility, motor skills, core stability are
10.Principles of training are used to adapt goals which are not being achieved or new goals have been identified
(sessions are timetabled with review dates)
11. Alternatives are provided for the programmed exercises/physical activities to provide variation
12. The programme is integrated into wider physical activity opportunities (recommendations given for exercise
outside of PT sessions
13. Client self-management has been applied within the programme
14. Behaviour change has been considered in the programme design and for long term maintenance
15. Short, medium and long-term goals are set that are appropriate to client goals and individual level of fitness
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1. The case study is clear and concise with a coherent structure
2. All figures, tables and diagrams are clear and well presented
1. All references are correctly presented
2. A wide range of interesting and valid sources is used throughout the case study

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