Global pandemic: Local governments role in the pandemic

The global pandemic has put a halt on society’s daily routine, however local governments have been working harder than ever to accommodate this new lifestyle. Politics should not be a major concern during this time. There have been over 400,000 deaths from this deadly virus, and39.3% of Americans have lost employment because of the pandemic.

Local governments tasks

The United States takes pride in our federal government, but local governments are the ones who are truly holding the nation together. Local and state governments have been the ones to provide necessary services in order to keep our everyday lives a little less hectic. The public transformation that allows citizens to travel to work, maintaining ambulances to provide sufficient care, and organizing efficient and safe healthcare is only a portion of the many tasks local governments have accomplished. Every question that arose from citizens, our community’s government had the answers and made sure their citizens were satisfied. However, these same governments are suffering financially due to the dire effects of COVID-19.

Local governments funding

The Heroes Act allocates $1.13 trillion for local and state government funding in order for them to continue providing such services. Senate Mitch McConnell told local governments to “use the bankruptcy route.” As small towns are suffering from financial difficulties, due to the lack of funding provided by state and federal decisions, McConnell’s suggestion is absolutely absurd. The impact of global pandemic has driven local governments to fail citizens of their own towns, but the federal government is bailing large corporations. Where is the proper aid to care for citizens by helping the local governments? He argues that the federal government should not help local governments who have a past with bad financial decisions.

preparation for climate changes by local governments

Importantly, other countries have been preparing for climate change for decades. However, federal government does not support local governments to plan for climate change. They do not have the funds to obtain the resources to protect its environment. The pandemic has led to citizens moving their education and careers online, but the majority of Americans don’t even have reliable internet access. There is a massive lapse between citizens and our government. On “Policy Chats,” Greg Stepanicich discusses how this global pandemic has led the city council to adopt new jobs. That is, jobs which have never been done before. They are answering difficult questions regarding what is okay and not. As result regulations changing daily from both federal and state levels. Local governments have been working diligently to accommodate its citizens.


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