Five current Smart, Sustainable City ideas

This Assignment requires you to actively look for, and also identify, five current Smart, Sustainable and Resilient City ideas and initiatives. Further evaluate their applicability as Project Managers in the built environment.

Ideas for five smart city aspect

Present five ideas, each on one page, identifying five Smart City aspects that you find particularly stimulating and would like to be involved in their implementation. Succinctly discuss advantages of the proposed initiatives and critically reflect on potential difficulties with implementation. Bear in mind that your argument has to be succinct, to the point, easily understood and persuasive. In order to communicate your message effectively you may use Word, pictures, creative drawings or any medium that works for you.

Smart, Sustainable, Resilient City examples

To support your work on this assignment, it is suggested that, firstly, over the next month, you compile critical notes using Smart, Sustainable, Resilient City examples from lectures, literature and any other media, and add ideas that you have. secondly, Collect/explore as many ideas as you want. Thirdly, select the best five, write the reflective summary as per assignment requirements and finally submit.  You might find it useful to make up a checklist of Smart, Sustainable and Resilient City components. The diagrams below could be a good starting point to build from; these  diagrams can be of use to form a checklist for the essay. Tis diagram can  show the scope of your Smart, Sustainable and Resilient City thinking.

Additional Files

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