Digital marketing : Branding revitalization strategy

Assignment task require you to take the role of a brand consultant in a digital marketing company. Develop a branding revitalization strategy and a communication plan to generate better engagement for a consumers or corporate brand of your choice. Your strategy for revitalizing the brand image(digital marketing), will serve as a springboard for converting the engagement into new customers and more revenue. It will as well as retain and build loyalty with existing customers. Focus on the market of one country or region (UK, UAE, North America, Singapore-Malaysia). Further, develop a corporate branding revitalization strategy including a communications plan to generate engagement around the brand.

Corporate brand in digital marketing

An introduction to the report specifying the chosen corporate brand, its business, the chosen country/region and a summary of key proposals made within the report.

Situation analysis of the sector in the region

A situation analysis of the relevant industry/sector in the chosen country region (clearly identify this in the introduction) from macro and micro perspectives. This should result in the identification of key strategic issues with respect to the problems described in the background.

Brand audit and conceptual map: digital marketing

Conduct a brand audit and develop a conceptual map for the brand (based on secondary research). Explain the key perceptions and associations of the brand and evaluate these critically (e.g. strength vs. weakness).

Characteristics of the current customers of the brand

Identify and describe the characteristics of the brand’s main current customers. Further, develop two profiles (personas) of potential target audiences (i.e. a group of people who are likely to be future customers), so that they can be targeted through a subsequent communications campaign.

Media landscape of the brand market: digital marketing

Analyze the media landscape of your chosen market in relation to your two profiles from the preceding task – what media are available, what sort of reach and influence do these have on your profiles? Discuss specific media that are of relevance (e.g. Instagram, radio channels, specific trade magazines) instead of grouping them together (e.g. as social media).

Communication strategies: digital marketing

Propose a detailed communications strategy by specifying a set of objectives. That is,  how you intend to engage the target audience with a view to ultimately recruiting them as customers/clients. Using  knowledge of your target audiences, for example, their profiles, and your analysis of the media landscape. Further, Create a customer journey map for each profile to summarize and present your communications strategy . Consequently, show what type of message, method, medium you will utilize to engage the audience (potential customers).

Performance evaluation mechanisms

Provide a summary of what relevant metrics and performance evaluation mechanisms you will incorporate into your communications strategy – you may use an augmented version of the customer journey map from the previous task to achieve this.

Additional Files

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