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Cultural Competency and Research Analysis 

This assignment involves writing a cultural competency and research analysis paper that analysis the way circumstances in a case study unfairly impact members of one or more diverse populations.

Cultural Competency and Research Analysis

Paper details Write a 6-8 page assessment of the way circumstances in a case study unfairly impact members of one or more diverse populations, and the cultural competencies psychology, counseling, or medical professionals may use to help resolve such issues. Present research methods and findings that support your thinking and your approach to the developmental and cultural concerns of the case. ****Link for Case Study**** Analyze how the problem described in the case study you selected may unfairly impact members of the populations described in the Introduction to Hays’s ADDRESSING Model document.

Cultural Competency and Research Analysis

Initially, you should brainstorm as many such effects as possible that relate to the case you selected. When you have developed many entries, combine ideas that are similar. Assess each of your remaining entries in terms of importance: In what ways is it inequitable? How great or severe is the effect? How many people may be affected? Take care that you do not allow your own biases to minimize your assessments. Choose the entry that seems to be of greatest importance on the basis of your evaluation, and elaborate on that aspect for your selected case.

Cultural Competency and Research Analysis

Instructions Write a 6–8 page paper in which you examine three main areas as they relate to the specific case you have selected: Theory: Application of theory to the specific case. Research: Understanding of research methods and application of findings. Cultural Competence: Knowledge and application of cultural competency skills. Theory Select a minimum of two theories that are relevant to the case you chose. The theories should help explain concerns for the client, such as developmental or contextual issues. Analyze how those psychological theories point toward potential solutions for a problem.

Cultural Competency and Research Analysis.

Of the theories you select, make sure at least one provides a framework for understanding the cultural issues between the individuals in the case. Explain how these theories help us to understand the individual client or patient in the case and how they can direct the professionals in the case to a potential solution. Note that theory can help us understand where the individual (client or patient) is in her development. For example, psychosocial theory would help explain individual development, or ecological systems theory would help explain the impact of environmental interaction on the individual.

Research Select two original research studies that help us understand the situation in the case you selected and potentially lead to interventions in the case. Cite the research studies, using APA style. Explain the research design and methods used in the research studies. What type of research was conducted, who was studied, and how?

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