Contemporary Issues in Business

As an Accounting & Finance Student, the subject should be related to either accounting or finance.
You are required to write, in the form of an essay, a 5,000-word critical literature review based on a synthesis of
business practice as well as academic theory on an individual topic of your choice.

Additionally, your essay should also include:

  • An appropriate title
  • An abstract (maximum 300 words) and a set of related keywords.
    Introduction justifying the contemporary nature (importance) of the topic selected.
  • A coherent and sectionalized structure covering the chosen topic (and title) and associated sub-themes.
  • A summary/conclusion section including linkages between business practice and academic theory.
  • Finally, a reference list and associate application using the APA referencing convention.

Before you discuss contemporary issues in business:

– You are required to investigate a current business problem. Therefore think about topics you are interested in and those you may have studied in your other modules.
– Your topic needs to be sufficiently wide to ensure there is enough academic and professional literature (but not too much). Your topic must be defined and narrow enough so that you are able to identify the key academic and professional arguments around the topic.
– Can you investigate a wider problem in a specific context or time period that will narrow down your focus?
– You will need to develop a working title that you will then develop into the final title by engaging with the literature. Remember the ‘funnel’ concept. You can only achieve this by engaging with the literature in an iterative way.

Marking criteria for the business essay:

The marking scheme for the assessment is provided in grid form indicating the weighting for the respective
components of the assignment presented. In short, this comprises:

  • Essay structure and general presentation (10%).
  • Abstract and keywords (10%).
  • References (10%).
  • Body of the paper (50%).
    Summary/Conclusions (20%)

Additional Files

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