Canada Feminist Government: Personal is political

Canada feminist government is one of the groups of women challenging gender bias. The “personal is political” is the central slogan of feminists. They challenge disputes  in connection to gender bias divisions. That is, divisions within the public and private areas in our social world. The slogan represents the transition of feminist thinking from its traditional assumption. In the first wave of feminist movement that women’s close association with the domestic sphere was natural and inevitable. Many feminists do recognize the value of a protected private sphere for both women and men, but they also see the importance of challenging inequality in the public spheres of work and politics for all. As a result, feminists have worked towards challenging the entrenched separation between the public and private, as an important component of challenging gender inequality.

Canada Beyond 150 Feminist Government

The following are four key principles of a feminist government (found on page 6 of the report).A feminist government is defined by stakeholders as follows:


It is responsive to the intersectional identities and experiences of the people it serves. A feminist
government develops and delivers policies, programs, and services in a way that takes into
account historical, social and political contexts. It also takes into account of the impact of an individual’s gender identity ,for example, expression, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status and/or religion.
This approach acknowledges and addresses the experience of discrimination based on different
aspects of identity. For example, the GBA+ model of analysis used across government, as
well as the approach used throughout this project.


This principle helps individuals to particularly live up to their potential. That is, by providing programs and services that reflect their needs and experiences.


This principle seeks to make services and programs more accessible. In addition, it fights for more participation in society and the economy easily. For Canada, this means creating policies and programs that reflect its responsibilities under the United Nations’ Convention. That is, on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


For this one, it encourages collaborations between all levels of government, the private sector as well as citizens.

Feminist groups  in Canada beyond 150 article

There are different  groups of women that is discussed in the report .For example, Indigenous, immigrant, refugee, women living in rural areas, LGBTQ2 women and  survivors of violence…) as well.

Social policies that would improve the lives of the Feminist  groups

There are social policies that would improve the lives of the group of women in the report. A minimum of eight other sources as references (ONLY peer reviewed articles, documents with an author and date, books, reports), and eight feminist concepts that are in the course PowerPoint lectures.


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