Business Report: Luton Town Residences Business Case


The Business report should present a Business Case for a project to implement communication and collaboration changes in the assigned Case Study (Luton Town Residences). It should demonstrate an understanding of business functions as well as an understanding of the key elements of the Project Life-Cycle.


Business Case Report


In particular the Business Case in the Define phase (of the 4 D’s model). Your Business Case must also show application of the Weighed Score-Card tool. Furthermore, it must also show an appreciation of the importance and role of stakeholders to the project.

There should be clear evidence of reading about the topic to include both academic sources to support your use of key models and concepts as well as credible non-academic sources to support your discussion and evaluation of potential projects to address the issues facing the Case Study company (Luton Town Residences). You must reference your sources both in-text and in a Reference List using the Harvard style.

The Business Report should include the following elements:

Executive summary: Describe the key points from the report, including the most important findings and recommendations.

Introduction: Explain the purpose of your report and lay out the structure of the rest of your report.

Reasons: Describe the reasons for doing the project e.g. the business problem which you are trying to solve for the Case Study company (Luton Town Residences). Provide sufficient background and contextual information on the Case Study company to allow the reader to understand the rest of your report.

Business options:


Describe the different options which have been considered and recommend an option. One option must always be the ‘Do nothing’ option. This option does not result in a project. Other options might be ‘Do the minimum we can’, ‘Do something else’ etc. You should also try to provide enough information that the approvers of the business case will be able to judge which option gives the best value for money. You must use the Weighed Score-Card Model to present the business report options.

Expected business report benefits:


Describe the benefits of the recommended option, in measurable terms if possible. They can be both qualitative and quantitative and supported by credible citations.

Expected dis-benefits: Describe any dis-benefits. These are actual consequences of a successful project which are negative. If possible, quantify the dis-benefits and support with credible citations.
Timescale: Describe 2 timescales: the project timescale and the timescale over which the benefits will be realised.

Costs: Describe 2 costs: the project costs, and the ongoing operations and maintenance costs which will be incurred over the benefits realisation timescale.

Conclusion: This section should draw together the main points from your analysis. It summarises what has been learnt from undertaking this research. It should evaluate the options available to The Business Case Report and what would impede implementation (No new information should be included in the conclusion)

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