Body-worn Cameras and Trusting Police Use of Force

The main purpose of this study is to examine whether the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcers improves initial interactions when citizens know when body-worn cameras are on.

Research on Police Body-worn Cameras

To achieve this, research will be done to;

a) Investigate whether citizens feel more comfortable and trust that the police officers will act accordingly and follow conduct on their behalf when the cameras are on
b) Examine whether the factor of the body-worn camera has any positive impacts on student’s perception when interacting with the police
c) Investigate the issue of police legitimacy and in regard to wearing the body-worn camera

This study is significant in providing insight into if the ability of body worn cameras will enhance police transparency which can help in the reduction of the cases of excessive use of force and reduce the killing of innocent people. The study will also help to determine whether the use of the body-worn cameras will enhance trust levels between police officers and the citizens. This study will also help in opening future discussions. Should all police officers equip themselves with cameras as they go to work? Should it  mandatory for the cameras to be on for every officer and every interaction.
The major focus of this study is the analysis of the role of police wearing body-worn cameras in enhancing the levels of confidence among the citizens.


The main research question:

a) Does the use of body worn cameras enhance police legitimacy? Furthermore, does it help in the creation of positive perceptions of police officers?

There are a number of research studies that address the issue of police body-worn cameras. They also explain how they relate to the enhancement of trust and confidence among students towards the police. According to the study, “Inconsistencies in public opinion of body-worn cameras on police. Transparency, trust, and improved police-citizen relationships” by Sousa et al., (2018). The use of body-worn cameras has brought mixed reactions from the public.  Regarding the support of the new technology, and the ability of the cameras to enhance police transparency, enhance a better system of police-citizen relationships and improve the trust that the public has towards law enforcers.

Use of the body-worn cameras has been one of the major innovations. Their introduction enhances the relationship between the police and the citizens. The major goals of introducing the cameras were to enhance the levels of transparency and accountability of police officers. Especially while they are at work (Smykla et al., 2016). The cameras also enhance police legitimacy. Where people had lost their trust and confidence in the police force.

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