Anorexia: Mental illness

Description Please following guidelines below and writing rubric. Any questions please contact me. Thank you. Using the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and evidence-based scholarly articles, address the following: 1. Explain the neurology of anorexia. 2. Does the characterization of anorexia as a mental illness surprise you? 3. What are your thoughts on the personal and/or cultural implications of classifying anorexia in this way, as opposed to a lifestyle choice or a matter of willpower? 4. How might you support a family (or client) who is resistant to this seeing anorexia as a mental illness? 5. Describe and discuss changes in personality and social behavior that might be seen with anorexia. 6. How would you assess for these changes? 7. Provide an overview of the health consequences and medical complications of anorexia. 8. Create a treatment plan for a client with anorexia using family-based therapy or other evidence-based therapy. Criteria for this paper: 1. Answer these questions succinctly, integrating resources to provide rationale for all decisions. 2. You may use narrative, bullets, or a table format for various sections of this discussion assignment. 3. Your paper should be two to three pages long, not including the reference page. 4. Use at least one reference from CINAHL (available through the Regis library) to support your rationale.

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