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Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) is becoming a popular method of settling disputes rather than settling in public courts. Mediation and arbitration are two methods of ADR with two very different approaches. The former is informal, and the latter is formal.


Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Healthcare Organizations

This journal article discusses why ADR is not the right way for healthcare organizations to resolve disputes. One conflicting opinion is that the use of ADR will benefit and favor the institutional disputant rather than the individual. This source is relevant to my paper because it discusses a different and unpopular ADR opinion.  Health care alliances and alternative dispute resolution: managing trust and conflict. Health Care Manager, 18(3), 25–31.

This source explains that an ADR does more than settle disputes. It is a great tool used to facilitate trust between alliance partners. Trust encourages the forming of positive relationships between alliances that provide mutual benefits and accountability. With increased pressure from the marketplace and governmental forces to meet three conflicting healthcare priorities of increased access, improved quality, and lower costs, several healthcare organizations formed alliances to meet these conflicting priorities. This source is relevant to my paper because it highlights that an ADR is more than just a dispute settlement tool.


Resolving Disputes

As a member of the medical information technology (IT) department, this journal article does a great job of explaining how IT is elevating the way we resolve disputes and creating new categories of disputes. This source is relevant to my paper because it will help explain the intricacies of IT regarding ADR.
Shippee, R. S. (2002). “blessed are the peacemakers”: Faith-based approaches to dispute resolution. ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law, 9(1), 237.
This journal article explores and compares several techniques and faith-based dispute resolutions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and their interaction with the secular legal system. Shippee even goes on to say that faith-based alternatives to the mainstream legal system are more influential than ever.

This source is relevant to my paper because it will provide insight into various faith-based ADRs.
This research study suggests the increasing need for ADR in healthcare as it has a proven track record of successfully settling disputes without litigation. Additionally, this study dives deeper to discuss the two different types of ADR: mediation and arbitration. While both types are highly used, mediation claims an approximate 90% satisfaction rate amongst both plaintiff and defendant.

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