Advanced Organizational Behaviors

Previously you have examined a number of organizational theories and their implications for understanding organizational behavior.  You have further explored the changing nature of organizations and of work. In this assessment, you will explore the notion that organizations are complex. You will need to choose an organization and assume the role of the CEO for this organization. The organization that you identify in this assessment will also be used for Assessment 3.

This assessment supports unit learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3.


Task 1.


Choose either an organization you work at, have worked at or know well. It can be public or private sector but has more than 250 employees. It might be an international organization or Australian but is distributed (with offices in more than one state or country).

a. Explicate what the organization does, its vision, its structure, its management structure, how long it has existed and the extent to which it is successful/not successful in meeting its vision/goals. (an example of a case study is provided but you won’t use this one for the assessment). (300 words)

2. You are the CEO. You are to provide the board to provide a report that addresses the following issues:

a. Identify and analyze the major external factors (political, social, economic, global) that are impacting on the organization in the present and other businesses that will likely impact it over the next 5 years. (300 words)

b. Given these impacts, describe with evidence, two simple, two complex and one wicked problem that the organization faces going into the future.


Assessment 2:


Applying organizational behavior theory to modern and future organizations

c. Critically analyze the current evidence about what organizations need to do, in terms of their structure and function, in order to deal with these problems and prosper into the future. (500 words)

d. Provide five key evidence-based recommendations to make your organization work more effectively from the organizational behavior literature. (400 words) NB: The board is quite clear that it requires you to provide scientific evidence for what you are reporting.

This requires evidence from reputable scientific journals, not blogs or opinion pieces unless they are written by a ‘giant’ in the field and includes scientific evidence. The board wants you to summarise 5 of the key articles in the form of an annotated bibliography so make sure they fully understand the background material. Each annotation should be no more than 100 words. Criteria High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D) Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (N) Criterion Score C1. Effective communication and use of academic literacies

Additional Files

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